Hall of Fame

VKO Event Titles

Once VKO event titles are earned, they must be defended to be held! When a title is won by someone else, the original title holders will find a place, here in the Hall of Fame, as an event Veteran! Keep an eye on guild events, so you don't miss out on the opportunity to earn, and defend these titles!


Final Smasher

There are two types of knights: those that dive into combat head first, and those that wait for others to sacrifice their lives before sweeping in to claim all the credit. Raz is the latter kind - an unworthy coward who takes pride in letting others do the hard work.
About VKO Brawl
Whose bright idea was it to invite knights of the round table to a fancy dress party? For once, Trahearne is right: this won't end well. And when they find out the cake is a lie, well... 5 minutes later and a Final Smash even Link would be jealous of leaves only one knight in drag left standing! They may have the crown, but this ridiculous picture is going on Facebook!


Insane Skydiver

VKO's 10th birthday meant the highest Skydiver course to date! Whilst the other knights cowered at the top, our resident Genji main charged ahead, diving effortlessly behind enemy lines, through the Solid Ocean Waves and straight to the bullseye. Now he just needs healing.
About VKO Darts
There's a fine line between bravery and stupidity, but there's little denying if you're competing for the Insane Skydiver title you're dumb, you'll die and you'll leave a dumb corpse. Nerves of steel don't quite cut it; nothing short of insanity will earn this title as you surrender to gravity in the longest, most terrifying drop of your dumb life. At the bottom of the abyssal depths lies your target mark. Best to go out with a stylish faceplant at the bullseye than be hanging from a ledge on the way down!


Triple Shroomer

Kaitos won the VKO 10th Birthday Mario Kart race, now with a gapaing hole in the middle of the course. His tonic was provided by esteemed alchemist Trixxa, who obviously makes perfectly clean brews, and - as head of the Performance Enhancing Turbos Regulator - conducts thorough investigations into all substances competitors use. Obviously.
Triple Shroomer
About VKO Kart
No more ripped off from Nintendo than Moto's educational program, the Triple Shroomer title is awarded to the champion of the race tracks! You can choose from a wide variety of provided tonics including the Princess Doll's spiny shell, the Toy Ventari's power star and even the Plush Griffon's devastating lightning! You'll need skills of a whole new kind to triumph in this racing lunacy, or just a lucky red shell seconds before the line!


Soul Survivor

Armed with stealth and a Scorpion Wire, Prax had a gameplan. Why run when you can hide? Why survive when you can kill? The best defence is a good offence she says - spoken like a true thief. Cowardice, we say - spoken like gracious losers.
About Survival
Saving the world every day can drive you insane, especially when you're saving the world from the same big flying fire breathing scaly thing you saved it from yesterday. As the Mad Moon illuminated the guild arena in its eerie twilight glow, Matt finally released his inner monster. Determined to raise an army to fight for him, the crazy charr declared he'd convert us all - and of course we preferred to hug a fluffy mentally unstable charr than save the world again! Many entered, but only one survived.

Waves Rushers

Diploma in Dungeoneering (Team Title)

Ama, Freak, Ninja, Raz, and Trixxa clearly have a problem with the Sons of Svanir. Together, they purged Honor of the Waves path 1 of the cult's forces in under four minutes to earn their Diploma in Dungeoneering! It required careful planning, months of research and strategising, weeks of experimenting, absolutely flawless execution... Breakbars are a thing.
The Dark One
About the Diploma in Dungeoneering
Diplomas in Dungeoneering are awarded to the group members who past the fastest time in our dungeon speed clear events. Each group of five gets just one chance to impress, unless they apply for special consideration due to extenuating circumstances such as a Cave Troll, a Fake Cave Troll, an Imaginary Cave Troll, or a This Wasn't Quite Done Perfectly Cave Troll.

Blood Ruby

The Gladiators (Team Title)

This year, The Crucible settled Tyria's most divisive debate: what's more valuable - Mystic Coins, or Blood Rubies? Prax, Ama, Raz, and Aiur channelled their bloodstone obsession to annihiliate the oppossition, leaving a bloodbath in the arena. Between you and me, Team Mystic Coin are just more civilised.
About The Crucible of Gladiators
After a year of hard fought battles, Tyria's greatest knights were summoned to prove they were the hero Tyria needed to defeat Mordremoth. The Crucible promised to probe their mastery of strength, wit, intelligence, agility, speed, stamina, cunning and emotion. Each day for a whole week, teams of valiant heroes were challenged with a new task scrutinising their abilities to determine who Tyria can really rely on, and who is just Trahearne 2.0. Challenges for 2016 included Dodgeball, Quagganball, and the Hall of Fame's very own Skydiver and Hunter.


Wyld Hunter

Although Seth might have beaten the rest, finding only 8 of the 23 locations can hardly be called a victory, can it? "This title should undoubtedly have gone to the evil mastermind that hid the ballooons around the guild hall!"
- An unbiased third party, 2016.
About the Wyld Banner Hunt
Claiming the Wyld Hunter title requires evolutionary perfection to conquer the elements in a zone-wide scavenger hunt. You'll need the senses of a canine to locate the guild's flags and the agility of a feline to make it home before your buffs run out! Throw in the aggression of an ursine to get there first and the owner of this title is one grizzly beast you don't want to mess with!

Zase Fleur

Enigmatic Doodler (Forum Title)

Zase's entry to the Autumn Art Contest looks like a scrawl of random lines searching for purpose and meaning to their creation... He calls it abstract art far beyond simpleton understanding. When you're as deluded as Zase, it's important those around you help the self-esteem whenever they can. Umm yes, those edges are so defined - truly spectacular! Excellent job Zase!
The Dark One
About the Forum Title
The Forum Title is awarded to the winner of an exclusive forum-only event which takes place completely outside of the game. As these events hold a unique position in allowing anybody to compete regardless of when they can play, acquiring this title requires you to triumph against all odds! Enigmatic Doodler was awarded to the winner of the Autumn Art Contest as the knights took to the canvas with valiant finesse!